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A pioneer in the frozen bread market

Baked Bread

Florida Bakery offers many types of Latin and Caribbean baked bread, including Cuban, Pan Sobao Sobao, Puerto Rican, Midnight, Wheat Bread and Sub.

Our Baked Breads

Organic Ingredients

What makes organic flour actually “organic” has to do with how it is produced. It is organic flour because it must be certified to meet the standards of organic produce by meeting the stipulations of third party organizations that have a certain set of standards. Thus, organic flour, like all processed organic foods, must be free of artificial food additives as well as being grown without synthetic pesticides.
  • Organic Flour
  • Organic Butter
  • Sea Salt

Quality + High Level of Service

Our Philosophy

Sanford, FL

Strategically located in Sanford, FL, Florida Bakery has a state of the art facility and equipment to manufacture frozen and baked bread, as well as pastries for most major Latin supermarkets and restaurants.


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